Checklist for inviting remote guests

Discover your guest


Sources for guest discovery:

  • Twitter - by following niche influencers

  • Indiehackers - community of indie makers

  • Substack landing page - substack is a newsletter hosting service where you can find people who are writing on your subject.

  • Niche communities - discover them on Community Finder

  • [ ] Create a guest on-boarding form

On-boarding forms are a simple and easy way to organize your podcast. In this form, ask your guest to include their bio, social media links, information they want you to mention, contact email, basically anything you're collecting about them. For forms, you can use Google Forms, TypeForm or Airtable (or any other platform you enjoy).

This step helps you to to connect with them in a more organized way, and also helps to prepare show notes faster. You'll just need to copy and paste the information from form to the show notes of your hosting provider.

[ ] Book time on the calendar

Book the time on their calendar for the meeting. Kind of an obvious step but, you know, we all get busy sometimes!

[ ] Make sure your guest knows what software you're going to be using

Let your guest know what software you use for recording. Do you use Zoom, Skype, Squadcast or something else? Send them a link to your upcoming call and let them know if they need to create an account on the software.

[ ] Make sure your guest knows the podcast style

Do you do just chill discussion like podcast or do you have a strict agenda? Let them know what's the mood of the podcast in general. Sending a rough outline of the episode (with the questions you might ask or general theme) can be a request your guest makes.

[ ] Ask your guest to be aware of their environment

Of course you can edit a lot of things out from the audio file, however the dogs barking, the phone rings, relatives talking or TV can be a bummer especially if they are mid sentence. Ask your guest to prepare an environment before the recording.

Tip: you could ask them to download - a noise cancellation extension to remove background noise from the conversation - it has free feature for certain bandwidths.

[ ] Ask your guest if they want to receive the episode before publishing it

Some guests genuinely don't care, but some prefer to hear the episode before it airs. Asking your guest before hand can be a good strategy. You can include this question in your guest on-boarding form, so you know beforehand.

[ ] Send a quick reminder 1 day before

This is optional but it can be a great tool if you're booking a lot of people, and if you have too much information to share. Adding the recording software and outline in the reminder message can be a good idea.

[ ] Record the episode

Do your magic!