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Skeleton House
Founding Member

Anna and Maggie's livestreams have been very valuable as a beginner podcaster. Hearing things that other podcasts are doing correct and things that they can work on to improve can be brought back into my podcast to make it better, even if the subject matter is completely different. I would definitely recommend joining the community, everyone is very kind and there are always quick answers to questions and feedback from the other podcasters. It's a great group of people.

Hook & Chance
Founding Member

Maggie and Anna have created something really special here. Podcasting is a lonely road, especially if you are taking your first foray into the space. You're surround by friends and family that all tell you your show is good, or that they "listened". If you want to grow, you need someone with a critical eye, who will provide feedback and knows the space well. They both have created an amazing space to bounce ideas around, learn about tools and approaches, provide ideas to help guide your refinement and learn from others. This is the space that every startup podcast needs and is lucky to have.

Where The ** Are The Popcorn Bags
Founding Member

Had my podcast reviewed in the first episode, and just wanted to give a huge thanks to @annadante and @maggieryan for the critiques. Especially Maggie who kinda gave us the kick in the butt we needed lol. We're 7 weeks in and went from 10 to 50 downloads a week after using the intro and structural advice the girls gave us! I'm attributing it to them because we don't really promote and we also don't have a lot of friends who support us, so it must be word of mouth! I'm going to be looking into the promotion side of things now that i'm confident we sound pretty good!

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